Antonio’s Ice Cream

Clearer, effective communication means significant boosts in revenue.

Antonio’s is a family-run Ice Cream retailer in Exmouth, Devon.

Their focus is uniquely created Ice cream flavours, freshly made in their own kitchen from the very best ingredients – but they also sell a range of traditional café products, such as Coffee and a range of sandwiches.

The problem

Communicating such a wide range of products has been tricky, and the menus were confusing for the customer to read. Their counter originally included a large sandwich unit, which made the customer experience less than optimum.

The solution

By reorganising their till point, and moving the large sandwich unit to the end of the counter, the focus is now in the centre of the store – guests can be served more quickly, and grab and go items are now centred around the till area – the ideal solution to increase sales.

A new menu system has been designed and delivered, making their offer much clearer to understand and read. Special items are now highlighted in the brand colours, and the graphics have been utilised more effectively to show brand values – Italian heritage, superb quality, fun and real honest food.


The result

Revenue is up significantly from the previous year, and customers find ordering easier as a result of the changes.

Greenland Studio were asked to provide Antonio’s with a new Menu Board which was completed at the end of January 2015. The quality of the work was outstanding and has helped uplift my business by around 20% in comparison to last year. Michael’s attention to detail is unquestioned and I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone in the retail and hospitality sectors.
Tony Badcott – Antonio’s Exmouth